"I enjoyed interacting with Jack and Amelia - especially teaching Jack "The Owl Song". I was happy to use my music teaching skills to play piano with the kids.  It was a wonderful and easy introduction to volunteering in the program."
-Pam, volunteer

Who is eligible to join the program?

All families (single or two parent) with at least one child under the age of 18 who are without a home are eligible to join the program. An intake is conducted including an in-person interview to determine if there is a match between the program and the family’s needs. We seek adult guests who are motivated to make healthy changes in their lives by establishing and continuously working on individual goals while in our program.

Are there other requirements to join the program?

At least one of the adult guests in the family must be employable. This is a sober program. Family Promise Metrowest will take people with addictions, however, they must have been sober for 6 months and show proof that they have successfully completed a recovery program. A criminal background check is completed on each adult guest. Family Promise will not accept anyone with a record of violent felonies.

The program may be right for my family. How do I proceed?

Give us a call at 508-318-4820 and ask to speak with a Case Manager. You, an advocate, or a referral agency can make that initial call on your behalf. If you are unable to call, you can email at director@familypromisemetrowest.org or eliz@familypromisemetrowest.org.

How did the Family Promise Metrowest originate?

Members of Christ Lutheran Church in Natick and members of Wellesley Congregational (Village) Church independently contacted Family Promise National as both were enthusiastic about the Family Promise program. In 2003, parishioners of both congregations voted to create Family Promise Metrowest. From that time on, a growing core group of members, with the support of Family Promise National, worked to recruit additional congregations and build the foundation of the present program. Family Promise Metrowest accepted its first family in October of 2008.

Can I or my congregation still get involved?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to volunteer whether or not they are affiliated with one of our member congregations. New congregations interested in joining the Network are also welcome. For more information please call 508-318-4820 or email Sue Crossley at director@familypromisemetrowest.org or Judy at judy@familypromisemetrowest.org.